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The branch establishment of  Belarusian National Technical University «Bobruisk State Auto Transport College» is one of the oldest secondary special educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus.
The educational establishment was founded   in 1930 as “Minsk Auto Transport Technical School” in order to provide automotive industry with qualified specialists. In December 1948 the educational establishment  was renamed into “Bobruisk Auto Transport Technical School”.

In connection with the transition to two-level training of specialists according to the integrated educational plans together with the Belarusian State Technical University, “Bobruisk Auto Transport Technical School” was transformed into «Bobruisk State Auto Transport College» (the order of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus № 390 on June 17, 1999).
In order to create the integrated training of specialists in accordance with the order of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus № 83 on February 5, 2015 «Bobruisk State Auto Transport College» was  reorganized into the branch establishment of   BNTU «Bobruisk State Auto Transport College».
Today more than 600 students study at the College in full-time departments. College provides training in 3 specialities on the basis of secondary education and basic education in accordance with the educational standards of the Republic of Belarus
Speciality 2-37 01 06 - 31 «Technical Maintenance of Motor Vehicles (production activity)», qualification – technician-mechanic.
Speciality  2-37 01 51 «Car Service», qualification  –  car mechanic (grade 5).
Speciality  2-44 01 01 «Organization of  Transportation and  Road and Public Transport  Management», qualification – organization and management technician
The staff includes 36 teachers and 9 masters of  practical training.  Education  and training activities are carried out by 4 teachers of the highest qualification, 26 teachers of the first qualification and 2 teachers of the second one.
There are 4 methodical associations for the teachers and a methodical unity for the curators of study groups in order to create the integrated training of specialists, to realize the methodological support of the process of education, to improve teachers’  skills and  experience exchange.
The building of the College comprises 34 classrooms, 9 laboratories, the library with a reading hall (for 40 places, book collection is more than 50000 items), the Assembly Hall, a service center for car diagnosing, maintenance and repairing. A sport gym, a tennis and athletic gym, a shooting gallery, a playground are available to students too. There is a hostel for out-of-town students (for 300 persons) within 5 –minute walk from the college.

The key point in teaching is to provide a systemic level of cognition, a wide use of active forms and effective methods of teaching and learning. There is an educational Computing Center and 6 computer classrooms in the college. The local network connects the educational Computing Center with two servers providing its functioning, 30 computers in use of administration and 4 computer classrooms. Each computer of the local network has a high-speed Internet access. Six classrooms are equipped with stationary computer lecturers, multimedia projectors, acoustic systems and  screens.
There are training and production workshops (a locksmith workshop, a mechanical workshop , a welding one) and a service center for car diagnosing, maintenance and repairing for practical education . Their activities are aimed at fulfilling the educational program, producing some car parts and other items for successful functioning of  garage and modeling center and also to supply classrooms and laboratories with all the necessary things.
There is a training garage with modern equipment for training highly qualified specialists. There is also a motor-vehicle testing track for motor cars and lorries in our College.  Automobile park comprises 21 vehicles.   The transition to newer economic models of  the educational vehicle MAZ – 4370 which are equipped with the system GPS, fuel flow rate gauges and motion detectors is implemented.

All the conditions are created for forming an all-round developed personality and a good specialist. The students are involved in extracurricular activities, they take part in scientific societies, subject Olympiads and contests. A number of different sport clubs and art groups work at College. Many opportunities contribute to achieve this aim: taking part in technical creativity, performing the coursework and the Diploma on the  real and factual data, a study course in training workshops, the participation in the work of scientific conferences, different competitions, tournaments, exhibitions etc. Our students won the Republican competition of professional mastery  (speciality 2-37 01 06  «Technical Maintenance of  Motor Vehicles») in 2009 and 2013,2018.


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